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About Magpie Potions

How Magpie Potions got started

I’ve been a potter for years, living, working, and playing in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains.  My home and pottery studio are in Story, Wyoming.

I also garden and grow herbs.  Long ago I recognized the nutritional and natural healing properties of many common garden plants as well as local native plants such as cottonwood and wild roses.  I began to experiment with native plants for various personal uses, from culinary to medicinal.

While recognizing the medicinal properties of Cottonwood (Populus angustifolia), I developed a salve to sooth my own aching hands after long hours in my pottery studio. Like many of the products described in this website, the primary component was available right outside my cabin door, along Piney Creek, or on the nearby prairie hills and mountain slopes.

My Cottonwood Salve was a success. Research into plant taxonomy and medicinal values continued, and my product line grew and diversified. In this small community we often trade or gift neighbors with all sorts of homegrown goods, foods or music, recognizing “happiness is homemade.”

My “potions” proved effective, their local popularity grew, and the Magpie took flight! In 2005, I decided to market Magpie Potions commercially.

Still kitchen-made by hand in small batches, my products are topped with love and care for my friends and neighbors, and you, my customer.

Courtney Caplan



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