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Customer Testimonials

These are just few of the comments Iíve received from satisfied customers over the years.

I use Balm of Gillian myself to treat fibromyalgic pain and swelling in the knee due to surgery and injury.  It seems to especially help calm the muscles and nerves when aching.  I also use it on my clients and many of them use it on themselves for areas of the body that are congested or ďstuckĒ, such as swollen knees, aching arms or to help lymph flow.  Itís an amazing pain reducer! - Cindy B., Ayervedic Practitioner, Sheridan, Wyoming

I am 56 years old and have spent most of my life working in the sun.  The damage on my cheekbones caused my skin to dry and scale.  The only remedy that worked before your cottonwood salve was a powerful steroid cream.  But your salve works so well and leaves my skin so soft and youthful, without any dryness or scaling, that I would venture to say that it is superior to the steroid cream!  Thank you so much for your wonderful, fragrant, memory stimulating salve.  It reminds me of the Cottonwood River in San Diego where I played as a child. - Leland B., Olympia, Washington

I just had to write you to let you know how remarkable a product your cottonwood salve is.  When mosquito season arrived I got several large itchy bites on the back of my neck.  I rubbed cottonwood salve on them and the itchiness went away and by that night the swelling was also gone.  Itís truly a miracle product.  Thank you. - Christine J., Bozeman, Montana

When I go fishing or camping the only lip balm I take with me is Magpie Potions peppermint lip balm.  It is the only lip balm that protects me from sun, salt and drying winds.  I know itís the best because one time I went ocean fishing without it and had to use another lip balm.  My lips were so dried and cracked I was miserable.  Only when I returned home to my Magpie Potions lip balm did my lips return to lip-smacking good health.  Lips to live and kiss by.  I have learned to never leave home without Magpie Potions peppermint lip balm. - Katie C., Sheridan, Wyoming

Just want to say I received a jar of your Foot Rescue Cream as a gift and it is wonderful!  I use lots of natural products and this one is particularly nice.  As Iím a gardener who has very dry hands from lots of hand washing, I use it on my hands, rather than my feet and the aroma makes me smile all day. - Peggy U., Colorado

Your foot cream beats Aveda and everything else out there at about half the cost.  My feet are smooth and soft, without cracks for the first winter in many.  Thank you Magpie! - Sandy D., Grand Junction, Colorado


These customer comments are purely anecdotal and not meant to imply professional advice.  Magpie Potions is meant to gently compliment your regular health routine.  If you have a serious problem, please see your regular doctor or healthcare professional!

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